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AshleyMadison Review

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Ashley Madison has grown to become a reliable site for a hookup by growing reputation down the years. It is arguably the first site that promotes extra-marital affairs and has a wider horizon. It does not matter if you are single, got a person, or need an individual to experiment with things with, Ashley Madison seems to be the perfect place for you.

There is a ton of users and hence, it is no problem to get a hookup. Let us go on a tour of Ashley Madison and the advantages it offers.


  • An active community with more female users than male users

  • Easy to use and convenient to encounter a consistent fling or hookup

  • Great design and intuitive interface

  • Anonymous and discreet


  • Presence of online scammers

  • Users have been wary since its data breach in 2015

  • Pricing structure could be complicated

How can I be a part of Ashley Madison?

Registration on Ashley Madison comes at no cost and is easy. Once you have provided basic details like marital status, age, weight, and height, you are good to go to check the user's profile and have a hookup partner.

Very importantly, your e-mail address is important as it is a major feature to distinguish between a real account and a fake user. However, you can create a new e-mail address for this purpose so that you will not compromise your identifying details.

What can I enjoy on the site for free?

You do not have to make a financial commitment to enjoy the several advantages of Ashley Madison. You can try out the features for free. The options are unlimited for a woman but a man may be restricted in how many options he has. However, it is advisable to pay to enjoy unlimited features.

Ashley Madison allows free sign-up such that you can fill in your details and use the basic version of the site whenever need be. You can opt for your preference to choose your desired preference. All these users are ready to mingle with you. A man can only receive a message after registration but need to purchase additional credits to continue with the messages.

For women, they can enjoy free messaging. Little wonder, Ashley Madison has more women than men. You can open chats, initiate conversations, send chats, and engage in other forms of activity. Women would enjoy the free features which men would pay to enjoy.

The Credit Plan

Just like you would subscribe to enjoy some rights on some platforms, Ashley Madison uses a credit system. As a man, when you pay, you are given credits. You can then use the credit to chat with other users. It is affordable to buy the credits. Also, for the benefits you stand to enjoy, you would be more encouraged to make the purchase. Paying would make you cherish every service.

Some people do not use their real details like name or address. Well, this may be appropriate and you may not be sanctioned for it. Nonetheless, you should use your profile picture to increase your chance of meeting people.

How Much does it cost to get credits?

Ashley Madison has its “Buy Credits” in bright and conspicuous format. You would almost be won over to bring out your card and buy some credits. The cost for different credit plans is dependent on your location. At other times, it could be determined by promotions and sales. To have a general idea of cost, here is a breakdown of what to expect.

  • BASIC – subscribing to the basic plan earns you 100 credits. You only need to pay $59.

  • CLASSIC – subscribing to the classic plan earns you 500 credits. You only need to pay $169.

  • ELITE – subscribing to the elite plan earns you 1,000 credits. You only need to pay $289.

The commonly used plan by men is the Classic package. The Elite plan gives access to the Premium choice on Ashley Madison. The premium package allows one to chat freely for 24 hours. In addition, it gives one a unique status called “Priority Man.” This status places you in top search results for other interested users to easily see your account.

Once you have gotten the credits, the Ashley Madison algorithm gives you a monthly reminder to "Top Up" the credits. You can also set up an automatic renewal plan to recharge your credit immediately after it gets low.

Member Initiated Contact Fee

Once you have gotten credits, the site allows you to sign up. However, there is a Member Initiated Contact Fee (MIC fee). This feature allows you to see and respond to other messages from other members without any credits. You can enjoy MIC for free in the first month. After that, you may have to pay 29.99 each month to enjoy it.

It is not compulsory to subscribe to it as you can reply to messages using credits. As an active user, opting for this will be more cost-effective.

What does credit offer?

Ashley Madison can be pricey. In addition, the system is not easy to use and one may not be sure what service requires money or the use of credits.

For instance, you expend five credits every moment you initiate a conversation with another user or view some message sent by another user. There are more credit charges as you keep chatting with the user. Also, live chat will require 50 credits from you per hour. Once the hour is over, another 30 credits will be removed and another 20 credits for another expended hour.

You can send a virtual gift to another user to get their attention. Of course, the gifts cost credits too. There are different cost prices for the different gifts. Basically, the cost of credits could be between 20, 30, and 50 credits.

The summary is that, as a man, you would expend credits on every interaction or engagement with other users. You can monitor your credit balance and recharge once you are low on credits.


As a man, Ashley Madison seems expensive for you in as much as you would be active on the platform. You should be ready to spend if you want to message many users, initiate and respond to conversations, and expect great results. Averagely, a user spends over a hundred dollars each month.

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