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Top 20 Backpage Alternatives Websites – Different Sites Like Backpage

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Many people familiar with hookup know Backpage and the crowd it pulled. Backpage used to be a top website with its amazing ads about everything one may desire. Without any doubt, one of its highly visited categories was its personal ads category. The reason is simple – many users want hookups and casual flings without any form of emotional attachment.

Unfortunately, Backpage is no longer in operation to serve people since 2018. The site was stopped from operation due to ties with the exploitation of workers for sex and prostitution. Since the site has been shut down, many users have become stranded. If you belong to this category, here is a compiled list of alternative sites for Backpage or better put, new Backpages.

Best 20 Backpage Alternative Websites

There are apps and sites like Backpage that will deliver the desired result as a great hookup site.

1. AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder is a big platform that has over 100 million registered users. Beyond all controversy, it is the right place as you will find everything you want from dates, hookups, and also relationships. It is one of the most visited sites as creating an account is free. However, you may have to subscribe to have full interaction with the members.

If you are cool with being a paid subscriber, then you can enjoy unlimited benefits and have access to several features and content. These features enable you to express yourself. There are different sections called Stories – you can share your stories on this platform to determine your dating life. Other sections include v-logs, chatrooms, and instant messaging.

2.Ashley Madison

Ashely Madison is another reliable site that will serve as the ideal alternatives websites for Backpage. It is one of the most valuable online services. As a paid member, you can enjoy numerous choices and advantages as online services. Your payment goes a long way. Also, fake profiles are uninterested in the site because of payment, hence, it ensures a high level of discretion.

You can create your account for free to explore the site. Nevertheless, you may not be able to gather all the experience on the website till you are a paid member. You can also select features that interest you and only make payment for such.

A significant feature of Ashley Madison is "Traveling Man." This feature uses the site's algorithm to help you get in touch with people in your locality. They can visit you while you have a nice time together for a couple of days.

3.Adult Search

Adult search can be your forum or dating site for people to find the right adult that shares their sexual fantasy. Either you want the person in your neighborhood or far away, the platform is the exact location for that.

The website is easy to use such that you can register for free and quite fast. There are hot guys and girls that are ready to get laid like you on the platform. You would get enough information you need from people’s contact such that you can know who shares your passion.

Unlike other sites that restrict you from some features, you can have free communications with support anytime you need help. Similarly, you can get information about strip clubs, sex shops, and sex areas in some specific localities.

4. Bedpage

Bedpage has been another site that has been a perfect Backpage replacement app. Much more than the similarities in their names, Bedpage also allows people to share all kinds of posts, products, and services. You do not have to pay to use the site – you can leave once you do not like it anymore.

The marketplace of Bedpage works just like Backpage in that many users now call it the Backpage alternative. Bedpage has several categories for posting information for several topics. People sell all sorts of things on the site – sexual or non-sexual stuff. You can just enjoy the sexual moments and do away with other categories.


Craiglist is an advertising company and one of the good Backpage alternatives. The truth is that Craiglist was cracked down by law enforcement agencies to have a more reputable and safer environment for all. For Backpage, it led to its total shot down but things are different if you are using Craiglist – it is one of those alternative websites.

Craiglist could have reformed its modus operandi too. There is no longer a personals section. Hence, it is harder for couples and singles who want sexual flings to be able to meet their desired person. However, you should check other categories that people still employ to meet their partners.

6. Pernals

Pernals used to be famously called Cragly. It has grown to be a new page for hookups and dating. It does not matter if you are looking for one-night stands, serious relationships, a friend with benefits, NSA affairs, a threesome, or casual flings.

Being a part of the community is simple with just four steps. Download the app, allow the third party, locate the apk and install it and enjoy the app.

7. Doublelist

Doublelist is a top alternative for Backpage. It is a good site for chatting such that you can get to know your sexual flings in the twinkle of an eye. Doublelist may not be as sophisticated as AdultFriendFinder but the truth is that Doublelist does its job.

There are different categories on its dashboard – you should check it out to see the ads. The ads are detailed and you can choose to reply to them. Once you reply to a user, you can expect positive responses from them. It is a little difficult because there are no pictures but you can take your time till you get a partner.

8. FreeAdsTime

This site is easy to use by users as the owners have properly maintained it. Without any hassle, one can tell from the quality of the ads and while you are reviewing them. You will notice that it is different from other sites because it does not contain irrelevant ads.

You can also post ads as a guest and have a tangible number of people visit your post. It is the same way for classified ads – you can comment on them and get ready to communicate with a sexual partner.

9. FinderMaster

FinderMaster is a great ad site where people post their classified ads for free. The ads cover more than 100 countries including the USA such that it has supported over a thousand cities. The implication is that there are several different users to connect and relate with.

FinderMaster has been a trusted alternative to Craiglist, Bedpage, even Marketplace but much more, Backpage. You would see Free and Proprietary products on these platforms. However, you may be spammed due to its several users but a careful search will give you the right person you desire.

10. Classified Ads

Classified Ads do not operate differently from their counterpart ad sites. Similarly, it has different categories that include jobs, vehicles, real estate, for rent, pets, items for sale, services, community, and personals. If you are familiar with Backpage, you would agree that the Personals category is where your love life is.

11. Oodle

Do you want a free site where you can have your Classified Ad or do you need a community to find entertainment, housing, dating, news, auto, job, and lost more? Oodle creates that platform for all as it is dedicated to that purpose alone.

You can find anything you want and get it on Oodle, no matter the city you are in. There is always someone interested in love in your locality. Oodle allows you to meet such a person without any cost.

12. GiganticList

GiganticList was created in the United States 3 years ago. Since then, it has grown in its affluence and influence to be a great community to search for mouth-watering deals in your local environment. It has an excellent level of trust and privacy for new users. You can seek to meet your hookup partner on the app as there are over a million daily pageviews on this site.


Whether you want to notice people or be noticed, WallClassified is a solution you need. It is the appropriate place to find services, cars, jobs, pets, or any classified ad you may desire. Navigating the site does not come difficult as there are multiple methods that will place you on the right pedestal. You can get almost anything you want on this site, well, maybe most things you desire.

14. Classified Factor

You can publish your ad for free on Classified Factor. The premium listing category has the best offers from various users such that people can easily locate items and businesses. You can spot all kinds of jobs and businesses on this app.

From professional tasks like lawyers, insurance companies, or even people ready for sexual flings, you can click on their ad and go ahead with the follow-up process. You will only spot such an opportunity by browsing the job. It has been a consistent site down the years since Backpage was suspended.

15. Outpersonals

Outpersonals is unique if compared with other communities as it is strictly for gay. There are more than 300 thousand members that are ready to connect and give you the most memorable moment of your lifetime. There are no restrictions based on location or desires as everyone on the platform is expected to have the same mindset.

As a member, you can take hookups beyond your immediate environment as there are other users in other places of the world. There are tools that will help to streamline your search such that it is easy and quick. You can also include qualities that may interest you like personality and physical appearance.

16. Snapsext

Everyone would agree that Snapsext is a perfect site for casual hookups. With its amazing features, you would love its user experience. You can share photos with other users on the site but be rest assured that they are automatically deleted. Also, you can view the various profiles for free.

The subscription options are different to allow flexibility. The interface may be outdated and the membership may come at a cost but it would be worthwhile because of the excellent result it delivers. In as much as the members are registered, feel comfortable sending all kinds of messages, shades of images, and naughty videos.

17. Flirt

Flirt comes with many amazing features making it an easy-to-use app. Just most hookup sites, you may have to make payment to enjoy some benefits on the site, for example, to send a message. Using the site always begins with identifying your match and being sure you have a genuine interest in them.

You can take things forward on Flirt by sending messages and expecting their warm response. You can begin with a free trial account to know how things work here.

18. SwingLifestyle

SwingLifestyle, also known as SLS is one of the largest communities for swingers and related relationships across the world. They are available in many regions as people have sought the site to satisfy their sexual desires. The truth is that you will enjoy the app better as a premium member as there are no restrictions to the features.

You can signup as a single person ready to get laid or as a couple ready to have an extra in their affair. You can enjoy a free trial to know how things work.

19. SwapFinder

SwapFinder is an adult platform for single and hookups that want to spice up their sexual lives. There are over 40 million users on the site as there is no dedicated app for it. The average age for a female is 25 to 35 while the male can be up to 45 years. Swingers, couple fun swaps, threesomes are all available choices on SwapFinder.

20. LocalXlist

LocalXList is another site from the United States that allows adults to post ads. The commonest services on the platform are Male Escorts, Female Escorts, Female Massage, Forums, Friendships, and lots more. It is one of the most visited sites because it delivers the result to its user. You should explore it too.


You do not have to be stranded as an individual that used Backpage. You can explore any of the above options as they are sites like Backpage, to stay on top of your game.

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