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FriendFinder X Review

FriendFinder X belongs to one of the most reliable sites for the Sex Dating category. The site welcomes different singles with varying sexual orientations. The site was founded in 2013 and has grown to be a top adult site. You can search for individuals using specialized filters like gender, online now, with photo only, and age. You can take it a step further by employing extended searches.

For example, there is a regional search that helps to see other interested people in your locality. FriendFinder X is not like other websites that boast a large database of a user but it boasts of a high chance of finding a partner. FriendFinder X is a paid site as the payments help to enjoy advanced features. You can create a video for your profile to place yourself ahead of other members.

The site’s algorithm helps to match with a partner to pair with other interested users. If you are receiving many messages from several users, you can block some chosen members from sending messages to you. You can prevent as many as you are not interested in from sending messages to you.

You can invite or initiate private chats with other users. You can use the webcam feature as it helps to have a safe and nice preview of users during the first date with them. Without a doubt, checking people's profile pictures is the most performed task. However, you can rate such images on FriendFinder X to show that you are interested in the person. You can even send a virtual gift to get their attention.


  • Live chat with other users

  • Verification of members to prove identity

  • Can report spam or fake users

  • Private profiles

  • The payment method is anonymous


  • Does not have a mobile app

What are the payment plans on FriendFinder X?

Firstly, it is important to note that there are no trial plans on the site. You either pay to join and become a member or stay away from the site. This feature has helped to discourage scammers and inactive users from being present on the hookup platform. Their payment plans are as follows:

GOLD Membership

You can subscribe for 1, 3, or 12 months as a Gold member. The plan automatically renews itself. You will have to cancel if you want to stop the continuous deduction of payment.

  • 1 Month costs $40

  • 3 Months cost $81

  • 12 Months cost $240

Also, payment for this plan is not restricted to the use of credit cards alone. You can also make payments via Paygarden, ACH payment, Money Orders, and Bank Checks.


The add-on plan helps to improve your plan by providing Standard Contacts. The plan is recurring and you would have to terminate it to stop continuous deduction of payment.

  • 1 Month costs $20

  • 3 Months cost $36

  • 12 Months cost $108

You can make payment via your Credit Cards, Paygarden, ACH payment, Money Orders, and Bank Check.


The coin plan is to increase your points. Unlike another payment plan, this payment is not recurring.

  • 200 coins cost $4

  • 500 coins cost $7.50

  • 1000 coins cost $12

You can make payment via your Credit Cards, Paygarden, ACH payment, Money Orders, and Bank Check.

NB: Do not fall for any scam about the use of coupons or discounts. They may be scammers who want to know your card details.

Becoming a part of the FriendFinder X community

Registering on FriendFinder X does not take much. You only need to provide details for 11 required fields. You can use the website which comes with a great design. You can use the website on a computer, smartphone, or laptop. There is an optimized version when you use the site on a mobile phone. But there is no mobile app designed yet.

You have to register to view any profile. Hence, members enjoy some tangible levels of privacy. Only members and users of the platform can view your images. You can also upload pictures for people to view when they visit your profile.

FriendFinder X allows you to create private photos. Also, you determine who gets access to those messages with your approval. There are no internal links that redirect to other websites on the site. You can also be rest assured that there is no possibility for technical glitches.

What are “Points” on FriendFinder X?

You can amass free points as you carry out some activities on FriendFinder X. Right from registration, confirming your identity, putting out your videos and photos, uploading your status and lots more all earn you points on FriendFinder X. You can use these amassed points in exchange for varying prizes like sending gifts and messages, enjoy the privileges of Gold Membership, or highlight the profile, etc.

Can I delete my account on FriendFinder X?

Friendfinder X allows you to terminate paid membership while the profiles remain active. You can remove your profile from the site anytime you are ready to do so. Basically, there are two options to deactivate your profile. However, deactivating your account will hide your profile such that no user on the platform can view it. If you change your mind, you can log in and reactivate the profile.

On the other hand, you can completely close your account such that the profile is deleted. Once your profile has been deleted, you can never recover it anymore. You will have to create a new profile if at all you still want to be a part of the site anytime in the future. So, the two options are closing your account and deactivating your account.

Closing your account comes at no cost. in addition, you can choose to unsubscribe from any distribution or email list.


People have different things that tickle their fancy on the FriendFinder X. Some enjoy erotic stories, adult videos, or other content. However, the goal is simple – it is to help you get a sexual partner that shares a similar sexual taste to you. Register now and be a part of this movement. .

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