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FuckSwipe Review

As the name implies, Fuck Swipe can explain the purpose of the site. Still, you can expect moderate activities on the site. The site is simple and ordinary while you can expect a series of hookup events on it. You will get to meet more women on the platform – some are modest while others may not be.

You can join the site to see as many people as are interested in you. However, you will need to upgrade your account before you can view messages from girls. Many users tend to complain about the fact that they need to upgrade their account for these features and others. The good news remains that you do not need much to upgrade your profile. It is almost free.


  • Pricing Policy is affordable

  • Search is customizable

  • Affordable cost for the 3-day trial period

  • Registration is easy and convenient


  • No payment, no communication with other members on the site

  • No mobile application option for easy use

  • Messages could be from online scammers

You can expect over 400,00 active members on the site. There is no free trial as you would have to pay before you can use the services. The dating activities are basic as you can enjoy both casual and adult content. The gender distribution has more female than male users.

What is Fuckswipe?

It is important to say that there is no app for the Fuckswipe app. Well, many users are not pleased that there is no app for this platform. Rather, you can bank on the site to go ahead with your events. Many users have complained about the use of the site and how difficult it could be.

What do you stand to benefit from Fuckswipe?

It all boils down to your intention for being a member of Fuckswipe. Some people are there as scammers. You would see that their profiles appear dubious and ambiguous. However, Fuckswipe is created to help different people get sexual flings. So far, many members have gained more hookup partners from using the site.

The Registration or Signup Process

Registering on Fuckswipe does not come with any hassle. You only need to follow some basic steps. The basic steps are user-friendly and effortless. You can complete your registration in less than 30 minutes. Also, once you have registered, you earn the silver membership.

The process is standard as all you need is to create a nickname with more passwords. Once you have a strong password, provide information about your age, sex, and body type. You can add the location and include your mail. Once all these details are provided, you are good to go.

The Usability of Fuckswipe Site

Using the website comes with good usability and it should be easy for first-timers. You can easily access your profile and edit information if there is a need for that. You can also check the mailbox for notifications or use other features.

There is a social score for each profile. It is also known as a summary of greatness. The social score helps to show the records of activity on the profile. This ranges from interactions, sharing photos and videos, connections, and other things. On the other end, you can check people's social scores to have an idea of what to expect from them before you link up with them.

The site is properly structured such that you would easily see sections like hottest profiles, online now, recent activity, and live member cam. There is also another feature on the site called “Love Star.” The goal of the feature is to help users to identify real profiles from those that could be scammers. You would easily information on the profile to know if you can trust the profile or not.

User Account

A general complaint many users give about Fuckswipe is that they do not provide enough information. Hence, you might not be sure if the next person you want to talk to on the site is the ideal person for you or not. Other users have said, they do not want to show off and hence, they keep their profile low on information.

It is impossible to sign up with the necessary details. However, users can spice things up by providing more details to encourage another interested user. Profile display picture and some lines might not say it all about users. Sometimes, one might have to use a social score to know how reliable the profile is.

Payment Plan

There is no free trial on Fuckswipe and hence, you will need to pay to enjoy its 3-day trial. Well, it does not cost much - $2.97. You can upgrade it to $29.95, $74.85, and $119.70 for 1, 3, and 6 months respectively.

You can become a gold member to easily upload and view images, read and send messages, apply smart match detection, and even enjoy live cam with other members. At this stage, there is no longer any doubt about the legitimacy of the other member as more interactions with them will enable trust.

You can make your payment via MasterCard and Visa. There is no cause for alarm as your transaction is safe and secure. You can climb the next stage by earning a VIP membership which would cost you about 50 euros. The VIP membership gives your access to some porn sites.

How safe is Fuckswipe?

Fuckswipe is safe and legit. According to the company, they are putting a lot of effort into ensuring the site provides the best services for users. In addition, they prioritize safety and security such that they do not lose their website due to prosecution. You can read the terms and conditions on the website to have a general overview of what you can expect.


The site is for fun for people who want to have fun, intimacy, and sexual partners. However, ensure you are watchful for users that may be swindlers or scammers. Since you are a serious user, you can upgrade to the VIP membership to enjoy priority. The prices are affordable for the rewarding entertainment.

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