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Top 10 Gay Hookup Sites For Gay Men

You would agree that life could be unfair for some people to reveal their sexual orientation. As a matter of fact, the society might need to do a lot to accommodate people and make them feel free to express themselves. However, while the world is still trying to adjust, you can go ahead to hookup with gay men like you.

There are communities that make these encounters easier. In addition, the men on these platforms are only there for a similar reason as you. Hence, if you want to look for gay men to date, meet or hookup. here are top 10 gay hookup sites for gay men you should consider.

Top 10 Gay Hookup Sites For Gay Men in 2022

1. MenNation

MenNation is a gay hookup site that allows you to easily pair with other men that may want steamy date nights and hookups. Without a doubt, it is one of the leading choices for men dating sites. Of course, you will not find females present on the site. The age distribution begins at 18 and you would even find men that are up over 50 years on the platform.

This gay dating site supports men who are bicurious, bisexuals, and gay. There is always a quiz for new members to know their sexual preferences. Also, users can involve in webcam broadcasting or personal video chatting to have a proper view. Based on your activities in the group, you would earn points as rewards for them.

You can upgrade to the premium service at an affordable price. You can begin as a free user before upgrading. For over 13 years, this app has been one of the top-rated gay hookup sites.

2. AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder can boast of a large database of users due to its effectiveness in delivery and availability all over the world. Well, the site is designed for all types of arrangements like polygamy, couple share, monogamy, fuck buddies, and more importantly gay hookup. Statistics have it that the database consists of 80% men while the rest are women.

The implication of the statistics means it is easier to link up with men that may share a common interest with you. With over 80 million users, there are over 60 million men on this platform. Also, you can take advantage of the mobile application to know how the navigation process of the site.

However, it is also necessary to be wary of fake profiles and bots. Subscribe to the gold membership to meet local gay men. The price may be high if compared with that of other sites. Nonetheless, its optimum service may be all the encouragement you need.

3. OutPersonals

OutPersonals is a gay sex dating community that has over 300 thousand users. Unlike many other types of websites, Outpersonals can be different in that it provides more than the casual hookup or encounter. Sometimes, people may need a sense of belonging and OutPersonals gives them that feeling. They will feel belonged to a community and enjoy possible encounters with different users in the world.

The site has helpful tools that you can use to search and filter the kind of man you want to end up with. Of course, members have profiles where you can check out users if they satisfy your specifications. Nonetheless, you can add your interest to the search option to filter the searched results.

There are many exciting features you can be a part of as a member of Outpersonals. They include chat and video, participating in a dating magazine, joining interest blogs, and groups. There is always a webcam for a live broadcast.


Scruff is a reliable and safe choice to meet with gay, trans, bi, and queer guys. You would enjoy networking, dating, friendship, and sex without any form of attachment. Scruff began activities in 2010 but has grown to be a gay sex dating site. As a matter of fact, the site was awarded as the best dating app in New York City in 2014.

Boasting over 12 million users in various places of the world, Scruff has been a famous name for many people interested in a hookup. The USA has over 3 million users and almost a million users are active on the platform every week.

You will find men interested in the homosexual relationship without expecting any form of long-term commitment. Some users are travelers and are always down for their next encounter. However, you can search for "gay near me now" to know possible people that you can link with.

5. Grindr

Grindr has many active users in the US and 195 more countries. It is arguably the largest social community that is all male. The site has rivaled other gay dating sites and apps to become a top choice of online dating sites and gay bars. Hence, there may be no better way for two gay men to hook up.

As a matter of fact, it was the first gay app that created its app on iTunes App Store. Within 3 months of creation, the app has become famous and has increased by 4 million users and they are always 1 million users that are online each day.

Since its inception, the app has been recognized for several awards. It is without a doubt that its services provide the perfect result for gay hookups. You can upgrade to its Grindr Xtra to enjoy premium service. You can choose different conditions while setting your profile. Eventually, they help to have the best possible matches.

6. GuySpy

GuySpy is your go-to place if you want to date or chat with bisexual guys or hot gay. The site has amazing features that will fascinate every gay person. You can easily check interested compatibles in your area with the site. You can also share private images with the people you want to.

Everyone would agree that communication is key when meeting a new person for the first time. GuySpy prioritizes communication as you can send unlimited images and videos with fellow gay members on the site. Also, there is a notification for when your favorite partner is online.

You can always send your location to people after you have communicated with them and you are sure about them already. You can monitor who is interested in you by seeing who has added you to their favorite list or who liked your picture. Subscribe to GuySpy+ to meet all kinds of men you ever desire.

7. DaddyHunt

Daddyhunt is the perfect place for people that are interested in older men. The reply rate is encouraging as you would easily meet men that are between the age of 25 to 40. There are thousands of users online per time and you do not need to make payment to register.

It is important to say that it is a gay community that allows users to link their social media account to their profile. It is the biggest gay platform for individuals that love daddy. There are unlimited benefits you can enjoy even as a user – an example is that you can create a personal blog for people to read while you can enjoy theirs too. The search tool yields great results since it allows you to use filters and eliminate irrelevant search results.

It is a promising app that allows two users to agree on a code as a sign of mutual respect. Doing this ensures maximum respect between two gay men. You are not allowed to display shady behaviors as you can lose your account for it. You should opt for its payment option if you want to enjoy all the features.

8. OkCupid

People who have used OkCupid for a while can attest that it has one of the most powerful algorithms among other gay hookup sites. It is a top choice for LGBTQ+ people. You can be a free member or pay for your membership. Even though it is ideal for all genders, gay men have taken advantage of it due to its large userbase.

Its members can belong to any of its 22 gender options or 20 orientation choices. You only need to choose your pronouns accurately to begin to enjoy the platform. There are fun questions you will be asked to answer when you join the community. The questions cut across your messiness levels and even political beliefs.

There is a “man for every man” on OkCupid. You can skip many questions if you want to keep your identity private. However, doing this may limit your chance of getting a gay partner as early as you may have desired.


FriendFinderX connects millions of users to enjoy sexual flings and moments. It does not matter your sexual orientation; you would find the right person for your hookup on the platform. Also, members can share explicit images, erotic videos, and share live webcams with other users. Users can also video chat or view live cams of the model on the hookup site.

In just 5 steps, you can be a member of the community as you can join for free. You have to verify your email and then continue to build the profile. Upon completion, you can search for members that suit your taste and satisfy your cravings. Also, you can step up your chances of being noticed by uploading a picture.

Just like many other gay hookup sites, you may not enjoy maximum service as a free member. For example, you need to make a payment to access some model chats and adult videos. Hence, paid subscribers are not restricted.

10.Buddy Gays

BuddyGays is the right spot to meet single gay men. You can even build a relationship with them whether it is long-term or short-term. It is a lovely location to meet gay men for fun or as a serious partner. As a matter of fact, the site is strictly designed for gay men such that women are not allowed to join.

It has a feature called Tribe – to help each member identify their sexual orientation (gay) and have accurate details about it. There are also fun features that help to foster communication. You can be a member for free for 3 days to know how the site works and conclude if you want to be a part of it.

Once you upgrade, you can take advantage of the flirtcast feature to send many members messages at once. The support system is always available to attend to your needs, requests, or complaints. Also, there is no need to worry about a data breach.


These are the best recommendations for gay hookup sites for you if you want to join one. Each of them was briefly described but you may want to explore their free trial before going ahead to join the communities.

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