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How to Find A Dom And Sub Near Me

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

If you are a novice about kink space, one of the questions that will pop up many times on your mind will be, how to find a Dom? It is possible that you have tried different platforms and you are not impressed. However, your days of searching are over as this content provides all the answers you need.

A kink is beyond regular vanilla practices of sex. It includes other explorations like choking, cuckolding, water sports, foot fetishes, BDSM (Bondage, dominate, submissive, and masochism), and more. So that you know, Sub and Dom were used several times in this content. Sub stands for Submissive, while Dom is for Dominant.

Now, let us delve right into their details.

Top 7 websites to find a Dom and Sub

Here are seven reliable sites you should consider to find a Dom and Sub. It does not matter your location, as you can always meet people that share the same sexual persuasion as you. So let us explore these sites.


It is no surprise that is on this list. Many people consider it as the top one of BDSM dating sites. They are known for all activities that revolve around Bondage, BDSM, or other types of Kinky sex. So whether you are a beginner or an expert, this is an ideal community to find a Dom and Sub.

On, you will meet people who share the same experience as you. You can interact with them and even exchange ideas. Also, you can share your erotic pictures with them. You can also examine the kinky porn segment using the website. It is not advisable that you open this website at a public place or while at work.

As a matter of fact, you will see some users on the website with nudes as their display pictures. Hence, you do not have to do any extra search to see things that may interest you. If you are pleased with what you know, you can proceed to woo such users and communicate your desires. Everyone on the platform shares the same passion as you – so there is no need to be shy about what you think you want.

Many users love the chat feature. In addition to bringing them closer to people, it makes them discuss fetishes and fantasies with other members. Moreover, you can connect directly with people and know if they are down to be with you or otherwise.

To get started on, you need a valid email address. First, however, you can open a free account for the time being. Then, if you are impressed with its feature, you can proceed to become a paid member and take full advantage of the platform to satisfy all of your desires.


There is no need to mess around if you prefer the BDSM approach to sexual pleasures. All you need is to be a part of the BDSM Date. Just as you are, there are several people on the platform trying to hook up and meet their BDSM connection. It is one of the sites that help on how to find a sub partner.

This platform is one of the few sites with more women than men. In addition, you can always find a Sub or Dom partner on this site since people on the app share the same purpose for joining.

Another exciting thing about the site is that it is location-based. As a result, you can quickly meet kinky people that are around your location and are interested in sexual flings. You can join this BDSM platform and surf for free with a valid email address.

You would love the picture section of this site. The developers created a whole section for erotic images by naughty users. A more interesting fact is that you do not need to be a paid member to check out this section of photos. So at the end of the day, if you are unable to meet people yet, you can still have enough fun experience on the site.


Everyone knows Fetlife and that it is beyond a dating site. It is like a social media platform where many kinky people can network and share some strong level of intimacy. FetLife is always a top recommendation for kinksters. It operates just like the common Facebook site but to find a Sub or Dom.

On FetLife, you can create your profile and interact with other users too. You can begin by adding them as friends and proceed to flirt with them. While creating your account, you can post your pictures, add new videos, and regularly update your status. Frequently updating your status will show that you are an active member, and that will increase your chance of having a good experience.

Also, there are groups that you can join on the platform. These groups are based on kinks and your sexual interest. FetLife is a free website, but it solves your kink problem. You can solve all your desires in some basic steps. You will find all kinds of sexual partners you may desire – singles, couples, submissive and dominant BDSM partners, and even threesome partners.

You can explore over 50 various types of fetishes – you will always see the type you prefer. Even as a novice with little or no knowledge, you can unravel that with Fetlife.

4. r/BDSMpersonals

Do you know that Reddit can function as many things all at once? Of course, it appears to be a bank of information, but it can grow into several things too. They have varying opinions about r/BDSMpersonals from their experiences if you have to engage. However, there is a sure and typical testimony – users on the platform can attest to meeting both their long-term and short-term partners on the site.

You can design a post and include details such as your location, age, gender, kink role, and the specifications you would want your partner to have. As you would expect, women’s posts on r/BDSMpersonals have been observed to have more interactions than their fellow men. Either way, you can always try your shot to meet your next buddy.

A significant advantage of this platform is that it is easy to use. You do not have to be tech-savvy to get the best from it. Also, it is free even as you can quickly get to interact with over 120,000 users.

You can post an ad and see someone that is interested in you. Then, with a single click on your profile, you can begin to have the kinds of conversation you want with them.

However, it is essential that you practice a high level of vigilance. Meeting strangers might imply that one does not divulge personal details carelessly. Even for your first meetings, you could meet in an open place before you take things a step further.


Are you Sub looking for Dom? BDSM Date is the right place to be. As their name implies, the purpose of the group is specific – it is to create a community for lovers of BDSM to interact and form a stronger connection. They can easily link up, exchange ideas, and also get laid. The site is created to provide maximum satisfaction for users' fetishes and kinks.

BDSM Date functions like a social network in that it is a community of people with a common interest. In addition, there are blogs and forums for individuals to relate with other users. You can chat with fellow users and discuss the actual reason for being a part of the platform. It is a top option if you are in need of singles that want casual sex but love to use leather, latex, femdom, Bondage, or more.

Many users of this site love the video chat feature. It allows them to engage other users via a video. It enables them to have a full glimpse of the other user's physical figure. There is no better way to anticipate your meeting with a new stranger than seeing them via the video chat feature.

Even if you are new to BDSM, you will see like-minded individuals like you who will put you through this new phase and help you know more. You can sign up for free to check out what the site is about. There is no doubt about finding what you want on this platform, even if you are a Sub seeking Dom.

6. Bondage

As a new member, is a site you can try out. There are many new features that are peculiar to the site, and you may not find them with other sites. Most of the active users in the community are friendly. It is the ideal place to connect with BDSM enthusiasts.

For the record, the site has been tending to the needs of BDSM enthusiasts since 2006. It is the perfect spot for people who have a common interest in Bondage and want to find local love. However, it would be strange to walk up to a random person on the street and ask them if they are into BDSM.

However, Bondage unites like-minded individuals as people can now find romance, make friends, or even date their new partners. You can narrow down your search by applying some essential filters as a user. Since there are over a million active users, there is a high level of certainty that you would encounter someone that is interested as much as you are.

To derive maximum pleasure, you can use the chat opportunities, private messaging, and an extensive array of images. The only challenge is that some features might require an upgrade as you can only use them as a premium member. You can begin as a free member and proceed to be a premium user. Paying only shows that you are more intentional about meeting a partner.

Members can also put up their experiences and lifestyles on the blog. They can also share their fantasies and fetishes. Interested people can know you better, and you can begin to chat privately. Members also ask questions from one another on the Magazine page – anyone can provide answers. You can also share articles, poetry, or short stories.

Setting up your profile is free and easy. However, your activities may be limited till you become a premium member. You would love the profile quality and the interface of the site. Bondage is the best place for you to be if you are a fan of BDSM.


Fetster is a free BDSM community with astonishing offers. It is one of the best places to get a kinky partner. In addition to this, you can enjoy all of their features for free. If you are a beginner, this site is a highly recommended one.

It is the perfect choice for learning and knowing more about the BDSM world (online and real-life). From the moment you become a part of Fetster, you will receive invites to BDSM events, enjoy free kink, have access to videos, blog posts, online groups, and other related adult content. Also, you may receive many messages from interested people. Unlike several other BDSM sites that restrict you from having access to some essential social features unless you are a premium user, Fetster allows all access to all of their features.

For people that are familiar with the site, their favorite feature is the forums. The forums are educative and interactive. You can get to know more about Bondage, adult toys, kink play, and even have proper interaction with other users.

Also, feel free to share your experiences and interests whenever you have the chance. There may be someone somewhere lurking around who has been watching you closely. Having constant interactions shows that you are a serious person and can be trusted by other users on the platform. Just get started.


Do not buy into the lie that you are alone with your sexual desires. There are countless people out there who want to be as kinky as you want to be. You only need to find the perfect platform, that is Sub Dom Dating Sites.

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