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SexFinder Review

According to their name, SexFinder is to help users find uncomplicated sex. You will most probably get that kinky intimacy you desire. Statistics prove that there is at least one horny person that shares the same sexual fantasy as you. Hence, SexFinder was created to help you connect with horny partners within minutes.

The purpose of the hookup website is clear. It connects you with people in your immediate environment that want to fulfill their sexual fantasies and desires. The platform boasts over 90 million users such that there is an abundance of sexy people for everyone to meet on the platform.

Its services are not restricted to California as people can connect from several countries in the world. You can always find a partner that is interested like you. You don’t need to wait long.

How to set up the profile on SexFinder

Profile setting up does not take time at all. In less than 15 minutes, you would have completed the registration. You only need to be above 18 years to register on SexFinder. Your sexual orientation, identity, race, or gender does not matter in the signup process. You can even set up your profile with your partner if you are a couple.

Also, you need a valid email to confirm your registration process. You are not allowed to connect your profile with your social media platforms such that there is a high level of privacy. You only need to fill in five required information for your profile and to indicate your reason for being a part of the platform.

Choose your gender, input your email address, have a username, indicate who you want to hook up with, include your location and date of birth. In addition, you can add other details like body types, relationship status, and race. These requirements are optional.

There is a section for personal introduction. You can fill it with much details or something minimal. Once you have completed the signup process, you would receive a message in your email address that contains the activation link.

It is advisable that you take your time to fill the profile to easily find your match. You can include your desires and pictures to appear attractive and to indicate your desires. Once you are a part of the community, you can begin to check out as many members as possible on the platforms.

Why should you choose SexFinder


  • The interface is sleek and easy to use

  • There are many options for communication

  • Signup process is easy

  • There are thousands of members

  • Users are open-minded towards casual flings and sex

  • Diverse profiles with varying gender and sexual orientation

  • The platform is legit, reliable, and professional


  • Its subscription can be on the high side

  • You cannot deactivate your profile

  • Restricted free access

Once you have created your profile, it is easier to check the members for a hookup partner. Other members profile will contain their personal choices, sexy images, erotic videos, and even their location. These details make it easy for you to connect with them anytime you want to.

You can also use the advanced tools to look for individuals with same mind. It is a better experience to have someone that shares your fantasies. Once you have seen a person, you can have different chat sessions with them and plan to meet up.

Features of SexFinder

Even as a first timer, you do not need words to flirt with existing users. There is a flirt button that allows you to show interest in another person’s profile. If you want more, you can use the instant chat feature. This feature allows you to send messages, pictures, virtual gifts, and even links to other users.

Once you see an interested person, you can get in touch with them and chat them up. With the right messages, you are a step closer to having your first hookup via the platform.

Video and Voice Chat

Just like physical moments can be, you can share some intimate experiences with users via the webcams or voice calls. These features take you closer to people as you can easily communicate your preferences to each other. Once there is compatibility, plan to meet in person.


Safety is important in life and on the internet. You can set your notification on SexFinder to private. Also, you can report users that could appear as scam or nuisance to you. The site administrator will critique those accounts and block the suspicious accounts.

In addition, you can prevent some users from being access to you. There is a block feature for that. Every blocked user cannot view your profile or send your messages using the communication platforms.

Payment plans on SexFinder

The site allows one to be a free member for as long as they want. However, free members are limited in their activities. A free member has no access to photos and videos while their information may be hidden. They cannot enjoy multiple webcams at once or even multiple webcams. You cannot also receive friend request as a free user. Either ways, it is always a good place to start before progressing to pay.

If you want to be a paid member, you will enjoy all the features of the site. Well, many users have complained about how pricey the payment plan could be. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect.

Gold membership

  • One month costs $40

  • Twelve months cost $240 (which is also $19.95 per month).

One thing is sure about SexFinder, you will get the value for your subscription plan.


Without doubt, SexFinder is one of the best platforms you can trust to get your sexual fling. Their services are professional and legit. Also, many users are full of positive reviews about how they have successfully connected with other users and met them. You can always use the free version to check the site and see for yourself.

You can make payment to be a gold member to enjoy the available benefits. You will find it easy to bond with your next hookup than you may have imagined.

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